Top 10 Best Kneeboards

Whether you’re an advanced or beginner water stunt performer, this list of top 10 best kneeboards is for you. So what are you waiting for? Check out the list and choose the right model that suits your needs.

10. Hydroslide Magna Kneeboard

This kneeboard comes with deep knee wells and a full-size pad. Either way, its thin profile will definitely offer users a thrilling experience.

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9. O’Brien Black Magic Kneeboard

This kneeboard offers a great performance at a very affordable price. Also, it comes with an adjustable strap and a hook system. Nonetheless, it is not a good option for stunt performers.

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8. Leader Accessories Kneeboard

The Leader Accessories kneeboard is ideal for people who have encountered prior injuries. In addition, its three inches padded strap that is adjustable offers stability and comfort.

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7. Driftsun Kneeboard

This affordable yet durable kneeboard is ideal for beginners. In fact, its 3 inches padded strap offers superior firmness without losing comfort.

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6. SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard

Looking for a budget-friendly kneeboard? Then this item from SereneLife is for you. This kneeboard is perfect for stunts and easy to move. Plus, it is made of high-quality materials and considered as one of best fiberglass kneeboards.

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5. Hydroslide PRO-XLT Kneeboard

This kneeboard is specifically designed for adult riders since it sports a heavier weight. In addition, this kneeboard that offers great performance comes with a thin profile and boast an EVA padded surface and deep knee wells.

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4. Fuzion Spinner Shark Drifting Kneeboard

If you want to experience any water sport in a very safe way, then having this kneeboard is a good idea. Actually, it comes with two safety methods that help you avoid any type of injury while you are sliding. Either way, this kneeboard is ideal for those who have a tight budget.

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3. O’Brien Ion Kneeboard

This maneuverable and fast kneeboard from O’Brien offers soft landings and it is perfect for intense riding, stunts, and tricks. In addition, its adjustable padded strap will help your knees stay in a firm place.

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2. Hydroslide Phantom Kneeboard

This kneeboard from Hydroslide is not suitable for kids since it is designed for adult professional riders. With its 3-inch padded strap, you will be able to practice all your turns and stunts safely and comfortably. Nonetheless, it is easy to maneuver and will surely give you an extreme ride.

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1. O’Brien Sozo Kneeboard

The O’Brien Sozo Kneeboard comes with a unique core that is made of foam and wood stringers. Also, its pad is highly customizable, comfortable, and supportive even though you are performing complex stunts and tricks. Overall, this kneeboard from O’Brien is relatively fast.

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What is a Kneeboard?

A kneeboard is a type of board for waterskiing or surfing in a stooping/kneeling position. With the help of this board, you will definitely have a safe trip on the water. Nevertheless, there are different types of kneeboards and here are the following.

Types of Kneeboards

Recreational Kneeboard

This type of kneeboard is designed with easiness in mind. Recreational kneeboards are specifically built for beginners. In fact, these kneeboards are light in weight and can be carried into the water with ease.

Apart from that, recreational keyboards are smooth and soft which makes them more comfortable to lean on.

Competition Kneeboards

This type of kneeboard comes with a higher price tag since it is made with more quality. In fact, competition kneeboards are normally made of fiberglass. These kneeboards are more responsive in water compared to recreational kneeboards.

Nevertheless, competition kneeboards are constructed with the athlete in mind.

Things to Consider When Buying a Knee Board

  • Size

When buying a kneeboard, you need to determine the right size accurately. Because the board’s size will have a great impact on the experience you will obtain.

  • Type of Kneeboard

Once you have determined the right size, the next thing that you need to consider is the type of the board. As you can see, there are two different types of kneeboards mentioned above. Nevertheless, if it’s your first time to buy or you’re only a beginner a recreational kneeboard can be a great option. But if you’re doing kneeboarding for a long time then a competition kneeboard is for you.

  • Style

Kneeboards come in two different styles, the trick board, and slalom board. The Slalom board is equipped with sharper edges and it allows you to glide in the water smoothly. While the trick board is commonly used for making tricks.

Nevertheless, considering the kneeboard’s straps, fins, and materials used in constricting is also important.