Top 10 Best Bumper Guards

Looking for a reliable bumper guard for your car? Listed below are the top 10 best bumper guards that are currently accessible on the market.

10. BumperBadger Retro Edition Rear Bumper Guard

This rear bumper guard is built to protect your car’s bumper from angry drivers who regularly park close to you. Even so, it is made of high-quality materials and offers utmost strength and durability.

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9. ATMOMO Auto Car Body Bumper Guard

This pack of four bumper guard is one of the most authentic and trustworthy when it comes to quality. In fact, this will not only protect your car, because this bumper guard can give your car an attractive look. Nevertheless, installing this guard is very easy.

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8. BumpShox 3.0 Front Car Bumper Protection

This front bumper guard does not rust or crack and can withstand any type of weather. In addition, the BumpShox 3.0 is tougher compared to other guards since it is made of a V-tech foam. Either way, this guard offers an excellent protection at a very affordable price.

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7. Flexy Frame Front Bumper Guard

This heavy-duty front bumper guard will not only protect your car’s bumper but it will also hold your license plate. Even so, this bumper guard is made of black rubber and doesn’t have any metallic part. Plus, it is thick and wide enough to guard your vehicle.

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6. BumperGuard Rear Bumper Protector

This bumper protector that comes in a very convenient size is capable of protecting the entire back part of your car from damages or scratches. Also, it does not bend, flip, curl, or sag meaning to say, this guard does not need constant replacements.

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5. Luv-Tap BG001 Rear Bumper Guard

The Luv-Tap BG001 rear bumper guard can be customized effortlessly to fit in many vehicle curves without seeking assistance from professionals. In fact, this bumper guard is easy to maintain since its machine washable. Nonetheless, with this guard, you will surely have a dent and scratch-free parking.

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4. Protekt Bumper Guard

The Protekt bumper guard can be installed on either rear or front of your car. In addition, it is large enough to protect the whole front or back bumper of most cars.

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3. Rhino Guard by BumpTek

These bumper guards by BumpTek have the ability to offer full protection at a very affordable price. However, this guard will not only lessen the impact of smash, but it will also protect your car’s license plate.

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2. Parking Armor 4.8 Rear Bumper Protector

If you’re looking for a product that will protect your vehicle from minor collision then this rear bumper protector is for you. Nevertheless, it will not only guard your car, but it will also improve the overall appearance of your car.

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1. BumpShox XL

This front car bumper guard sports a pyramid design that has a sleek look and sharp angles. With BumpShox XL you don’t have to worry about dents and scratches. Either way, it is ideal for wide and large cars since it boasts an extra-wide structure.

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What is a Bumper Guard?

A bumper guard is a thing that is specifically designed to protect your vehicle’s edges from low-impact crashes with stationary objects as well as other vehicles. In other words, with bumper guards, you will be able to protect your car’s both front and back ends from dings, chips, and scratched effortlessly.

On the other hand, with the help of bumper guards, you will be able to shove into another car on busy streets with ease as well.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bumper Guard

  • Mounting Option

If you want to mount a bumper guard you have two options, stick-on and bolt-on. The stick-on type features an automotive-grade paste strips at the back. This type is normally seen on smaller vehicles and cars. Actually, installing stick-on is very easy. All you have to do is clean the bumper area, peel the adhesive strips, and stick it in the right place.

While bolt-on types are commonly seen on SUVs, trucks, and off-road vehicles. Either way, it is also easy to attach because all you have to do is to screw it on the car’s frame.

  • Material

Bumper guards are usually made of plastic, steel, and rubber. However, plastic or rubber bumper guards are perfect for regular commuter vehicles. While steel bumper guards are best used on rugged outdoor vehicles.

  • Maintenance

When buying a bumper guard, considering the ease of maintenance is very important. In fact, bumper guards that are made of steel need to be cleaned regularly to prevent tarnishing or damaging the finish. However, plastic and rubber bumper guards are easier to clean by they are more prone to holes and scratches.

Considering the bumper guard’s size is also important.