Are your kids demanding for a swimming pool? You don’t have to stress yourself because instead of having a real swimming pool why don’t you buy them an inflatable swimming pool. So if you’re interested in this great solution, take a look at this list of top 10 inflatable swimming pool for kids.

10. Intex Swim Center Pinwheel Inflatable Pool

This inflatable swimming pool that features a colorful and bright design is big enough for your kids. It can hold up to 204 gallons of water and equip with a drain plug. Moreover, it comes with an inflatable floor that offers a more relaxing and more comfortable pool experience.

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9. Fisher-Price 3-Ring

This inflatable pool is designed for both outdoor and indoor fun. It also comes with a cover that has a happy animal characters design and 25 play balls for additional amusement.

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8. Intex Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool

This family inflatable pool from Intex can hold a total of 198 gallons of water and has a dimension of 103” by 69” by 22”. On the other hand, its size is perfect for little children and it can only be bought at a very affordable price.

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7. Intex Swim Center Family Lounge Pool

The Intex Swim Center Family Lounge Pool is perfect for both playing and splashing. Also, it will surely keep your kids cool the whole summer. Nevertheless, it is equipped with a built-in bench which is specifically designed for guardians who want to look for their kids while they are having fun.

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6. Intex Sandy Shark Spray Pool

This brightly and smooth designed inflatable pool for children is made from tough vinyl which is a highly durable material. It is perfect for your little ones it is somewhat shallow compared to other brands. Nevertheless, it has a sleek interior and features a playful and very cute shape.

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5. Intex Swim Center Ocean Reef Inflatable Pool

If you’re looking for an inexpensive inflatable pool that offers an excellent swimming experience then this ocean reef themed pool is for you. This pool can accommodate two or more children comfortably. Nevertheless, this magnificent tool will give your child a memorable swimming experience.

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4. Lazy Fish Inflatable Pool by Intex

It is one of the most popular kiddie pools that are currently available in the market. However, this Lazy Fish can hold 14 gallons of liquid and a total dimension of 49 X 43 X 28 inches which is big enough for your child to swim and play.

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3. Intex Swim Center Paradise Inflatable Pool

This kiddie inflatable pool can accommodate up to three children even though they are swimming and playing in the pool simultaneously. Moreover, it is also safe to use because it comes with an unpaid flow exhaust valve that is important in regulating the pool’s water capacity.

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2. Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Pay Center

This inflatable swimming pool for kids features a simple but a very cute design that every kid will surely love. Moreover, this pool is constructed to offer the best and most memorable swimming experience and it comes with a lot of quality features.

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1. Intex 57444EP Dinosaur Play Center

The Intex 57444EP Dinosaur Play Center is specifically designed for modern children and for them to have the best swimming experience. Aside from its large water holding capacity, this item also comes with great features such as a drain plug, landing mat, and repair patch.

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 What are Inflatable Pools?

During hot weekends and summer seasons the majority of us especially children wants to go to the beach and stay there until sunset. But in the reality and as a parent we can’t make it possible due to your hectic schedules. And most importantly you are worried about the safety of your kids.

But today you can now grant your child’s wish with the help of inflatable pools. Inflatable pools are designed to bring fun and brighten up the sizzling days of your children. On the other hand, installing this pool is very easy. All you have to do is to inflate and place it on in your backyard and add water afterward. Make sure to control the amount of water especially if your child is still a little one to void accidents like drowning.

Nevertheless, if your child is an infant we highly recommend that you should opt for bathtubs for newborns, to accustom them to swim from their early stage.

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