Top 10 Best Waterproof Socks

Whether you’re hitting the local trail or walking through the wetlands waterproof socks are very important. These items are used to keep your toes dry and comfortable all the time.  So if you’re planning to buy, we have listed the top 10 best waterproof socks for you to decide a bit easier.

10. SEALSKINZ Waterproof Knee Length Sock

This knee length and the waterproof sock are ideal for any type of conditions and activities where an equal amount of breathability and warmth are needed. On the other hand, SEALSKINZ is considered as a very elastic sock since it can offer both support and comfortable fit.

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9. Hanz Lightweight Waterproof Socks

The Hanz lightweight waterproof sock is constructed with three layers to ensure waterproof protection, comfort, breathable, and abrasion resistance. Aside from these three layers, this waterproof sock is loaded with other great features.

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8. Dexshell Ultralite Bamboo Waterproof Socks

Since it is made from durable nylon, this waterproof sock from Desxhell is flexible, very soft, offers great durability and comfort. On the other hand, it is also considered as the thinnest and an eco-friendly sock because its inner layer is made up of 30 percent nylon and 70 percent bamboo fibers.

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7. Dexshell Thermalite Waterproof Socks

This ankle length and the lightweight waterproof sock are perfect to wear during wet and cold weathers. In fact, the Dexshell Thermalite can absorb wetness very well which mean it can keep your feet dry and warm while providing great comfort.

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6. SEALSKINZ Waterproof Mid-Length Sock (HIKING)

This waterproof sock from SEALSKISNZ can provide resistance to water, wind, and breathability. It is also equipped with merino wool lining that is important for both moisture control and comfort.

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5. MudGear Compression Socks

When it comes to reliability, sturdiness, and quality this compression sock from MudGear is definitely one of the best. On the other hand, this windproof and waterproof sock is perfect for both men and women and can be worn out while running, jogging, walking, and other outdoor activities.

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4. RANDY SUN Unisex Waterproof and Breathable Socks

As the name implies, this waterproof and breathable socks form RANDY SUN is perfect for both men and women. Similar to the products, it is constructed with three exceptional layer designs that are useful in resolving the inconsistency between waterproofing property and air permeability. Nevertheless, it is also to wear during outdoor cycling, adventure, hiking, running, and water sports activities.

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3. RANDY SUN Waterproof Skiing Socks

This waterproof socks from RANDY SUN are not ideal for hot or warm weather conditions, but it works very well and suitable for snowy and cold environments. Simply because it will make your feet warm and comfortable given that you do not stay too sitting.

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2. Bluelasers Ultralite Mid-Calf Waterproof Breathable Socks

This waterproof sock is that constructed with breathable and waterproof performance is specifically designed for all outdoor activities. Moreover, it is made from highest quality materials as well as constructed using unique methods.

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1. Dexshell Hytherm Pro Waterproof Socks

The Dexshell Hytherm Pro Waterproof Socks are ideal for all outdoor activities as well as in all -weather conditions. It is capable of protecting your feet from snow, wind, heat, and keep them warm and dry even in the severest climate. Furthermore, it is perfect for everyday use.

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What is a Waterproof Sock?

Normally, this type of sock is composed of three layers, the inner layer, outer layer, and membrane. Its outer layer is responsible for protecting the sock from abrasion whereas the inner layer offers insulation, comfort, as well as prevents our feet from sweating. However, the membrane which is located between the inner and outer layer lets sweat to pass to the outside and preventing the water from reaching our skin at the same time.

Furthermore, the inner layer is made from Bamboo, Merino wool or any comfortable materials. While the outer layer is made of durable nylon. Waterproof socks are normally made up of hydrophilic non-porous PU membranes that are less rigid compared to ePTFE membranes. That is why there is no doubt that waterproof socks can offer excellent waterproof performance.

Nevertheless, when buying a waterproof customer should consider these four important things or factors

  • Materials
  • Fit
  • Height
  • Padding