Top 10 Best Watch Winders

Looking for an easy way to take care of your expensive and automatic watches? Then a watch winder can be a great help. So to help you find the best one with ease we have listed the top 10 best watch winders where you can choose from.

10. JQUEEN Automatic Wood Watch Winder

This watch winder from JQUEEN only produce minimal sound and in fact, you can’t even notice it. Moreover, it is a handmade model and it is very stylish since it uses piano baking varnish and acrylic glass.

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9. JQUEEN Watch Winder with Quiet Motors

This watch winder comes with three direction settings, counter-clockwise, clockwise, and alternating. Also, it is powered using AC adapter which is included in the set or batteries though they are not included.

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8. Cheopz USB Automatic Watch Winder

This durable and ultra-silent watch winder is powered by double-A batteries (not included) or USB cable. However, it comes with three rotational options and five settings that allows you to control your winder with ease.

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7. Versa Automatic Double Watch Winder

This unit is considered as one of the best-selling watch winders on Amazon. In fact, it comes with one year warranty and it will never damage your expensive and precious timepiece.

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6. Olymbros Wooden Quad Automatic Watch Winder

This inexpensive watch winder made of hard and natural wood as well as hand-polished with a glossy mirror finish. Actually, it operates quietly, comes with five program settings, and can be powered using battery or DC/AC adapter.

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5. Belocia Watch Winder

If you are looking for a watch finder that only accommodates single watch, then this unit from Belocia is worth considering. Also, it is made from high-quality materials and equipped with premium quality motor components. Nonetheless, this watch winder comes in a very affordable price tag.

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4. Wolf 270102 Heritage Double Watch Winder

This double watch finder can accommodate large watches and timepieces with a wrist that is over 10 inches in diameter. However, it has three power options and features LED indicators. Though it is a bit expensive.

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3. Belocia BEL-3E

The Belocia BEL-3E is equipped with a reliable and silent motor as well as a foldover securing mechanism.  In addition, programming this watch winder is very simple, while its LCD display is very easy to read.

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2. Heiden Quad Watch Winder

The Heiden Quad watch winder comes with easy-to-use settings and black leather finish. In fact, it has a solid look and feels as well as very smooth to open and close. Nevertheless, this watch winder only produces a minimal sound.

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1. Triple Three Watch Winder For Rolex Automatic Watches

This watch finder is specifically designed for Rolex watches though you can also use it for other brands. However, this watch winder features solid wood shell, tempered glass, and soft leather pillow. Nevertheless, it is ideal for both men and women.

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 What is a Watch Winder?

Having a watch winder is very important especially if you have an expensive automatic watch. But, what exactly a watch winder is. A watch finder is a device that keeps your automatic watches running even though you are not wearing them. This device, on the other hand, is equipped with tiny motors that rotate your watch in a circular pattern. In other words, with the help of a watch finder, you don’t need to set the right time every time you will be using it.

However, there are lots of watch winders in the market. These watch winders differ in the number of watches they can accommodate and design. Nevertheless, so how do you choose the right one for your automatic watches? To give you some idea, here are some of the important things that you need to consider when buying a watch winder.

How to Choose the Best Watch Winder?

Things to Consider:

  • Materials and Design

Apart from winding and storing your watches, watch winders can also be used as a fashionable accessory. That is why when looking for one opt for a model that sports a stunning design and made of good materials. Actually, there are lots of watch winder designs where you can choose from, but if you really want to have the best one go for leather boxes that has a cloth lining.

  • Size

Size is considered as one of the most important things that you need to consider when buying a watch winder. Also, look for a model that has extra space intended for opening and a flip lid.

  • Noise

Perhaps you don’t want to hear unnecessary sounds while you are sleeping at night. That’s why when shopping for a watch winder you need to consider its noise level. Though it is normal for watch winders to produce sound because they are equipped with gears and motor.