Top 10 Best Tennis Ball Machines

Looking for the best tennis ball machine that will fit your play level and budget can be a daunting task.  To help you lessen the sufferings of finding the right and best machine we have listed the top 10 best tennis balls that are currently available in the market. So, let’s get started.

10. Match Mate Rookie

This battery powered tennis ball machine is specifically designed for kids and beginners. As a matter of fact, it is a durable but light in weight machine that is made from aluminum. Either way, its battery will last for up to five hours.

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9. Islam Extend Tennis Ball Machine

This affordable and simple tennis ball machine can be a great option for tennis players who want to practice their hitting skills repeatedly. The Islam Extend, on the other hand, provides ten adjustable frequency rates and ball speeds.

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8. Tennis Tutor Pro Lite Tennis Ball Machine

This battery powered tennis ball machine from Tennis Tutor is extremely portable and can hold a total of 125 tennis balls. Furthermore, it is easy and quick to setup, while its trajectory can be adjusted manually.

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7. Spinshot-Pro Tennis Ball Machine

Though this tennis ball machine is not quite adaptable compared to other units, there is no doubt that it is still one of the best. However, the Spinshot-Pro tennis ball machine is somewhat inexpensive but it will surely improve your return and hitting techniques.

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6. Lobster Sports Elite 1 Portable Tennis Ball Machine

As the name implies this tennis ball machine from Lobster Sports is extremely portable and offers longer battery life. In addition, it is very easy to assemble and it is considered a versatile tennis ball machine.

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5. Lobster Sports Phenom II Club Series Machine

The Lobster Sports Phenom II is integrated with advanced technology and loaded with high-end features. Not only that, with this tennis ball machine you are free to customize its drills since it is a completely programmable machine.

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4. Lobster Sports Elite 2 Portable Tennis Ball Machine

This tennis ball machine from Lobster Sports can hold a total of 150 tennis balls and equip with a battery that stays active for up to eight hours. Furthermore, this machine weighs 44 pounds and it will definitely improve your reaction time and strokes.

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3. Lobster Sports Elite Grand Five Tennis Ball Machine

The Lobster Sports Elite Grand Five provides customizable drills wherein you’re allowed to program its feed rate, ball spin and speed, and shot locations. Nevertheless, with this tennis ball machine, you’ll be able to heat up your volleys with ease.

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2. Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine with Phone Remote Supported

The Spinshot-Player tennis ball machine lets you modify the program of ball spin, height, ball speed, direction, and feed rate. In addition, it comes with a user-friendly interface and it is a durable and sturdy but lightweight tennis ball machine.

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1. Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine

This 35 pounds tennis ball machine is equipped with oversized wheels for ease of transportation as well as sports an ergonomic design. The Elite Liberty is specifically designed for intermediate and beginner players who are looking for innovative control of both ball spin and speeds.

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 What is a Tennis Ball machine?

A tennis ball machine is considered as one of the most useful popular tennis equipment that you can use during your training. In fact, this machine is useful and perfect for beginners who want to improve their skills in playing tennis.

Tennis ball machines on the other hand also improve run and game drills. Aside from that, this machine also adjusts the pace of your training in your own preferences.

Nonetheless, since tennis ball machines becoming more and more popular there is now a lot of tennis ball machine on the market. For this reason, choosing the best one became difficult. But to give you some idea on how to choose the best tennis ball machines, we have listed some important factors that you need to consider before making a purchase.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Tennis Ball Machine


Tennis ball machines do not come in similar price tags and normally, these machines have a price range of $500 to $5000. However, table machine tables that are expensive holds a lot of features, while the cheaper ones are more portable.


When looking for a tennis ball machine, make sure to determine how big the tennis ball machine you want. Do you prefer the portable or bigger one? Nevertheless, you should also consider the available space where you be placing the machine.

Ball Capacity

The majority of tennis ball machines can accommodate up to 300 balls. If you will going to use the machine on your own, a machine that can hold 50 balls is enough. But, if the machine will be played by a lot of individuals simultaneously then you should for a machine that has higher ball capacity.


As a matter of fact, this factor has been overlooked by many because they think that it is not important. Nonetheless, heavier tennis ball machines are hard to move from one place to another, while the lighter ones can be moved with ease.

Power Type

Tennis ball machines utilize two different power types, the battery powered and AC power. Machines that are battery powered are very easy to move and often smaller. But, they lack some features like oscillation and large ball capacity. AC powered machines, on the other hand, is loaded with features and a few of these are not features in battery powered machines.