Top 10 Best Portable TVs

There are times that bigger stuff is not always better particularly in the realm of digital televisions. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a portable TV, here is the list of top 10 best portable TVs that are currently available in the market.

10. Haier HLT717 Inch LCD TV

The Haier HLT717 can offer a viewpoint ratio of 4:3 or 16:9 and you can connect various types of gadgets in it. Moreover, it features a rechargeable battery that lasts for 150 minutes, a built-in speaker, and an earphone jack.

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9. NAXA Electronics NT-70

The NAXA Electronics NT-70 is equipped with SD card and USB slot as well as an external antenna to improve TV reception. In fact, this portable TV can support various file formats including MPEG, JPG, H.2464, MP3, and FLV. Not only that, it comes with rechargeable battery that offers more than one hour of playtime.

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8. Action 5 Inch TV Black and White

This portable TV is perfect to use during road trips or camping. It features an inbuilt speaker, an audio video input jack, and a bar tweaking system. Nevertheless, you can connect this portable TV to a portable or VCR DVD player.

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7. Living Solutions 5 Inches Black and White Television

This lightweight and very portable television is built with great quality and features a retro design. In addition, this inexpensive item supports both AM and FM radio functionality.

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6. Coby CX-TV1

Are you a frequent traveler, boater, or hiker who is looking for a portable TV? Then the Coby CX-TV15 is worth considering. In fact, it comes with three different power options, antenna connector (external), headphone jack, and a built-in speaker.

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5. Docooler 9-Inch Swivel Screen

As the name implies, this portable unit features a rotating design and offers a high-resolution display. Nevertheless, it comes with a built-in Li-on battery that lasts for two hours which simply means you can enjoy listening to music and watching videos wherever you are.

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4. Axess TVD1801-13

The Axess TVD1801-13 is equipped with built-in DVD player and suitable for both domestic and on-the-road use. When it comes to screen resolution, there is no doubt that this portable TV is one of the best.

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3. Supersonic SC499 9 LCD Portable Digital TV

This portable TV from Supersonic comes with a total of 90 preset stations and a built-in antenna that is useful when you are watching outside. In addition, it features a decent a screen size and a rechargeable battery.

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2. Tyler TTV703

If you’re looking for a portable TV for your office then Tyler TTV703 can be a great option. Actually, this unit features an SD Card and USB slot, detachable antennas, AV inputs, and built-in digital tuner.

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1. ZBINNO Portable WiFi TV

This portable television from ZBinno that is lightweight and compact supports voice control using Google Assistant. In addition, it also produces an impressive sound quality and it comes with built-in applications where you can watch movies or videos online.

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 What is A Portable Television?

A portable television holds features that are similar to large screens, but the main difference is that portable can be carried anywhere with ease. However, every customer has a different perspective about this portable unit. But one thing is for sure, it is a small TV set that features a maximum screen size of 13 inches. In addition, it is equipped with handles and can be placed inside a carrying bag.

On the other hand, some portable television model still utilizes the large cathode ray tube technology which normally seen in standard televisions. However, other models utilize an LCD or liquid crystal display.

In addition, a portable TV can also be also used to display gaming programs as well as DVDs. Not only that, portable YVs in this days enables individuals to watch their favorite movies or TV shows without using larger devices.

Nevertheless, before or if you are planning to buy a portable make sure to pay attention to these following things.


When making a purchase make sure to choose a unit that is lightweight, compact, and small. However, the ideal size of a portable TV is between 3.5 to 10 inches.

Power Options

A portable TV can be powered using a rechargeable or regular battery and AC adapter. However, many consumers opt for portable TVs that are equipped with rechargeable batteries. So if you have limited access to electricity, then you should opt for a portable TV that is powered using batteries.


Choose a portable TV that displays an image that is clear, colorful, and vibrant. Moreover, you should also check, if it features a minimal dragging or freezing.

Sound Quality

Paying attention to the sound quality is also important. Nevertheless, a good quality portable TV does not need external speakers, boosters, or amplifiers.

Either way, the best TV viewing experience may possibly achieve by investing in a best and right portable television. Because, a good model is light, offers high-resolution, the sound quality is impressive, and of course comes in a decent size.