Top 10 Best Pill Organizers

If you’re having a hard time organizing your supplements, medications, and vitamins then you really need a pill organizer. Nonetheless, we have rounded the top 10 best pill organizers to help you store and organize your medicines easily and to lessen the possibility of ingesting the wrong medication.

10. Ezy Dose Push Button Pill Planner

This affordable pill organizer from Ezy Dose is perfect for individuals with deftness issues. Nevertheless, it comes with easy to use as well as large compartments that can hold a total of thirty pills.

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9. Pill Organizer By Vive

The Vive pill organizer is perfect for elderly and people need to consume medicines in half doses. Moreover, it features a compact design and it is made from durable plastic materials. Nonetheless, it comes with a leather case and a pill splitter.

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8. Sagely Smart Weekly Pill Organizer

If you’re looking for an affordable and simple organizer then this pill organizer from Sagely is perfect for you. In fact, it is large enough to hold your medicines and its containers are labeled with AM and Pm so that you will be able to identify it with ease.

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7. XINHOME Pill Organizer

This pill organizer that features a unique and vertical design is perfect for individuals who are only taking a small number of medicines. It is equipped with four compartments and lids that are easy to slide off.

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6. Fashion Smart Women’s Pill and Vitamin Travel Pill Box Organizer

This on the go and fashionable pill organizer can hold medicines for a whole week. On the other hand, it will surely keep your medicines discreet and secure all the time.

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5. Lewis N. Clark Folding Pill Organizer

If you’re always on a business trip or traveling and need to take your medicines on time, then the Lewis N. Clark pill organizer can be a great option for you. Nonetheless, its 16 pouches are labeled individually and they are easy to manage.

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4. Apex 7-day Mediaplanner Pill Organizer

If you’re having a hard time following your medicine calendar then this seven-day pill organizer from Apex is for you. In fact, it is specifically created to help you organize your medicines for the entire week. Nonetheless, it sports a contoured design so that you will be able to take your medicines easily.

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3. 4Thought Large Pill Organizer

The 4Thought Large Pill Organizer features a round and appealing design as well as equipped with compartments that have a separate lid. In addition, this pill organizer is marked with non-fading and non-erasable colors to make identification a bit easier.

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2. MedCenter 31 Day Pill Organizer

If you are looking for a pill organizer where you can organize and store your medicines then this item is worth considering. And as the name implies, this pill organizer from MedTech can hold your medications for the whole month. Nonetheless, it is equipped with four compartments and 31 boxes that are easy to open.

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1. Inspiration Industry NY Pill Organizer

The Inspiration Industry NY Pill Organizer is equipped with detachable compartments wherein you are allowed to remove ones you have taken the medicine. And due to its small size, this pill organizer is perfect to bring when you are traveling.

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 What is a Pill Organizer?

A pill organizer is a special box that is specifically made to help individuals to follow their medication doses correctly with ease. Normally, this special box is divided into several compartments where you can store your daily medications.

Pill organizers, on the other hand, are also great for individuals who travel often simply because it reduces the need to bring a lot of medication bottles. However, there are several pill organizers that feature removable compartments so that you can only carry the medicines you need to take in a single day.

Nevertheless, this thing is very important and useful for:

  • Elderly people
  • Persons who are suffering from memory loss
  • When taking several medications

How to Choose the Best Pill Organizer

When choosing the most suitable and best organizer for you, you need to consider some important factors and things including:


When your doctor requires you to take your medicine whether you’re at work or outside of your house, choose a pill organizer that features a portable and compact design. You should also choose a pill organizer that can be kept in a briefcase, pocket, or purse.


If you value discretion that much, look for a pill organizer that comes with a zippered pouch or unmarked case.

Reminder Alarms

If you’re a forgetful person make sure to opt for a pill organizer that is equipped with a reminder alarm. Actually, there are some organizers that feature a built-in alarm while others use smartphone applications to remind their user.

Size and Number of Compartments

When choosing a pill organizer, make sure to consider that number of medicines you are taking daily, weekly, or monthly so that you will be able to identify if you need an organizer with more compartments or not.

However, when it comes to size, choose a size where you’re comfortable with. If you prefer a large or smaller organizer then go for it.