Top 10 Best Melodicas

If you are planning to buy a melodica, then this content is for you. Listed in this article are the 10 best melodicas that are currently available on the market where you can choose from.

10. Yamaha P37D 37-Key Pianica

This melodica from Yamaha comes with a case as well as a long and short mouthpiece. Either way, this model can offer a vibrant and rich sound.

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9. D’Luca M37-BK 37 Key Melodica

This 37-key melodica is ideal for both students and professional players. Also, it comes with a black carrying case with a zipper. Not only that, you will also get a mouthpiece and extension hose.

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8. Hohner AIRBOARD37

With this 37-key melodica, you don’t need to use a computer or any cables in order to obtain the best of it. In fact, this portable melodica is accessible at a very reasonable price.

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7. Yamaha P32D Pianica Keyboard

It is considered as one of the most popular 32-key melodicas that are currently accessible on the market. Either way, this free-reed instrument comes with a double-walled and shock-resistant case.

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6. ammoon Melodica

This 32 keys melodica is ideal for budding and youngster musicians. However, this instrument is equipped with a plastic frame and short mouthpiece.

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5. Hohner 32B Piano-Style Melodica

The Hohner 32B is perfect for both professionals and beginners. In addition, it sports a nice look with white colored keys and back colored body.

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4. Suzuki M-37C Melodion Melodica

You don’t have to be a well-trained musician in order to use this melodica from Suzuki. In other words, this affordable instrument is very easy to use which makes it ideal for school kids.

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3. Yamaha P25F

This versatile melodica is ideal for individuals who are looking for a free-reed instrument that offers clear and full tones. In addition, with its shock-resistant and durable case, you can now take it anywhere with ease.

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2. Suzuki M-32C

This good-quality melodica from Suzuki offers a very warm tone. Also, it comes with one extension tube that has a mouthpiece and one typical mouthpiece. Either way, this instrument is made in Japan

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1. Hammond Pro-44HP

This high-quality melodica from Hammond is very popular among professional players. However, this instrument is a bit pricey, but rest assured it is worth paying for since it is loaded with impressive features.

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What is a Melodica?

A melodica is an instrument that is free-reed that makes musical notes when some of its keys are pressed and air is driven through its mouthpiece. This musical instrument, on the other hand, looks like a mini keyboard though it works like a clarinet. However, a melodica is very easy to play and in fact, it is perfect for getting individuals to music.

Types of Melodicas

Accordina. This type of melodica is normally made of metal. However, there are some accordina that is made of plastic.

Bass. It is the rarest and lowest pitch type of melodica. And as the name implies, it is commonly used for bass tones.

Tenor. This type of melodica is normally played with one hand.

Alto and Soprano. These melodicas are commonly played with two hands and they offer thin sounding and high pitched sounds. Either way, alto is considered as the easiest to play melodica.

Things to Look For When Buying a Melodica

Key Count

The number of keys will determine how many octaves or notes you can play in the instrument. Normally, melodicas come with 32 or 37 keys.

Key Quality

The key quality is considered as one of the most important things that you need to check out when buying a melodica. That is why when looking for one, opt for a model that can give you a consistent feeling while you are pressing the keys.


Look for an instrument that is easy to tune. However, the majority comes with instructions on how to do it properly.

Other things to consider includes:

  • Seal
  • Case
  • Weight
  • Hans straps
  • Mouthpiece