Top 10 Best Loading Ramps

Are you having a hard time loading and unloading goods or stuff from your store, moving van, train, or truck? Then you’ll need the help of a loading ramp. So if you are now planning to get one here is the list of top 10 best loading ramps where you can choose from.

10. Highland 1126600 Silver 80” Center Fold Loading Ramp

This loading ramp from Highland is made from durable and rust-resistant materials. However, this foldable loading ramp that measures 11” wide and 80” long can be stored easily.

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9. Rage Powersports MF2-14438 Loading Ramp

The Rage Powersports MF2-14438 can hold a maximum capacity of 2000 pounds and made from heavy-duty aluminum. Furthermore, it is ideal for loading smart cars, garden and lawn equipment, UTV’s, ATV’s, as well as other off-road automobiles.

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8. Titan Ramps 10ft HD Wide 4 Beam UTV Loading Ramps

This heavy-duty loading ramp from Titan Ramps sports a curved design for enhanced clearance. As a matter of fact, this loading ramp has a maximum capacity of 2700 pounds and thick stairs for additional support.

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7. Highland 1126900 85” Loading Ramp

This 30 inches wide loading ramp from Highland is extremely versatile and has a maximum capacity of 1500 pounds. In addition, this ramp is suitable for hand trucks and motorcycles use.

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6. Lund 602004 Loading Ramp

This 69” long and 30” wide loading ramp features an extruded hole exterior that offers  excellent grip for ease of loading. Moreover, it is a bi-fold loading ramp and can be stored and transported hassle-free.

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5. Titan Ramps 8ft HD Aluminum UTV Wide Loading Ramps

This bi-fold loading ramp can offer you a simple venture when offloading or loading motorbikes and 4-wheeled vehicles. In fact, it is long enough for goods with low withdrawal.

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4. Titan Ramps Titan Pair Loading Ramps

If you are looking for a lengthy loading ramp that guarantees secure offloading and loading, then this item is for you. In addition, it has a maximum capacity of 1500 pounds and equipped with safety traps for additional safety.

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3. Yutrax TX103 Aluminum Tri-fold ramp

This tri-fold loading ramp from Yutrax is suitable for trucks with short beds. Moreover, it is extremely easy to store due to its compact size when folded. Nonetheless, it is equipped with coated rubber tabs to secure your tailgate from scratches.

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2. Prairie View Industries SFW330 Portable Singlefold Ramp

For maximum grip, the surface of this loading ramp is protected with anti-slip resistance tape. Moreover, it also comes with 30 inches wide platform for maximum stability and support.

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1. Black Widow AFL-9012-2 Ramp

With this loading ramp from Black Widow, you can now load up your off-road automobiles like lawnmowers with ease. On the other hand, its hinged and curved design doesn’t only hold various tire sizes but it also makes loading easier and convenient.

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 What is a Loading Ramp?

A loading ramp is an inclined surface that attaches the ground or loading platform to the train or truck. On the other hand, it is an important tool that aids people in lifting heavy loads in order to move their goods to their vehicle with ease.

A good loading ramp is made from sturdy and durable as well as rust resistant materials. As a matter of fact, this tool or equipment is indispensable because as what we have mentioned above, it is capable of moving heavy loads from one place to another.

How to use Loading Ramps properly and safely

When it comes to using a loading ramp safety is extremely important. If you don’t want to experience unexpected accidents while using a loading ramp, then you should continue reading this content to find out how to use a loading ramp safely.

  1. Stay on the slope
  2. Keep the loading ramp attached
  3. Always do forwards when driving your vehicle
  4. The angle of the have to be low

Things to Consider When Looking for a Loading Ramp

Loading Capacity

When choosing a loading ramp, the ramp’s loading capacity is paramount. Actually, a loading ramp that can hold lower loads is not safe to use especially when overloaded. However, a loading ramp with bigger capacity is a bit expensive.

Transport and Storing

Next to loading capacity is transport and storing. If you are choosing a ramp make sure to opt for one that easy to transport and store so that you will move around with ease.


If you will be using the loading ramp regularly, then you go for a ramp that can be installed in just a few minutes.


Choose a loading ramp that is capable of securing your items or good while they are being loaded into your vehicle.