Top 10 Best Leaf Blowers

The fact that there are lots of models on the market, choosing a leaf blower can be a daunting task. However, if you’re planning to buy one, then this article is for you. In this content, we have listed the top 10 best leaf blowers where you can choose from.

10. Troy-Bilt TB672

If you’re already sick with a leaf blower that gives you severe body pain then the Troy-Bilt TB672 is for you. In fact, it is very convenient to use regardless the fact that it is equipped with a large engine.

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9. Earthwise LB200058

This brushless leaf blower sports a cool look and works reliably. Even though it is not considered as the most powerful blower there is no doubt that it finish the task properly. Either way, it comes with a sizable five years warranty.

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8. Toro 51585 Power Sweep Electric Leaf Blower

This electric leaf blower features a plastic impeller and it does not grind. Also, it comes with two speeds, high which is 160 mph and the low one is 130 mph. Nevertheless, this less than 5lbs leaf blower can finish small jobs immediately.

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7. Husqvarna 952711925 Gas Powered Handheld Blower

The air number of this gas-powered leaf blower is very low while its capability to finish a task is very high. Moreover, due to its tools that are good balance and light in weight this unit is very easy to handle.

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6. Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf Blower

This leaf blower from Hitachi comes with a seven-year warranty. Not only that, it has an air volume of 441 CFM which makes debris movement excellent. Nevertheless, it is a well-balanced and light in weight leaf blower.

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5. Poulan Pro 967087101 Backpack Blower

If you are looking for a leaf blower that you can use to clean large spaces then the Poulan Pro 967087101 is worth considering. In fact, this backpack blower can several homes in just a single day without stressing your hand.

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4. DEWALT DCBL720P1 Brushless Blower

This lightweight leaf blower comes with a Lithium Ion Battery that is 20-Volt MAX 5.0Ah as well as a charger. Moreover, it features a speed lock and variable trigger, and in fact, it is a noise-free leaf blower. Nonetheless, its ergonomic handle minimizes the stress in your arms and maximizes control.

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3. Worx Turbine 12-Amp

This leaf blower is equipped with a Turbine fan technology that provides high-capacity and forceful air volume. However, this unit is available in two power outputs the 450 CFM and 600 CFM. Even so, these two units are ideal for household tasks.

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2. Greenworks 24012 7-Amp Single Speed Electric Blower

This corded leaf blower from Greenworks can blow up to 160mph and actually, it’s a complete workhorse. In addition, it can only be bought at a very affordable price considering the amount of power it provides.

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1. Makita DUB182Z

This cordless leaf blower sports an ergonomic and compact design as well as a very lightweight. Also, it comes with a handle that has a soft and rubberized grip for additional comfort. Nevertheless, you need to buy its charger and battery separately.

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 What is A Leaf Blower?

A leaf blower or simply known as a blower is a type of gardening tool that pushes out of nozzles to move different debris including grass and leaves cuttings. However, today’s leaf blowers are powered by gasoline or electric motors, though there are some that make use of batteries.

Larger leaf blowers, on the other hand, use a motor as well as rest on wheels for forwarding motion. Furthermore, this gardening tool is a typically a backpack-mounted or independent handheld unit.

Nevertheless, there are lots of leaf blowers, they come in different styles, types, and shapes. As a result, choosing the best one is a bit challenging. So to help you here’s how to choose the best and right leaf blower.

Things to Consider When Buying a Leaf Blower

Nozzle Shape

Leaf blowers don’t feature these same nozzle shape. However, the nozzle shape determines how fast a task gets done and the CFM or cubic-feet-per-minute. That is why don’t opt for a unit comes with an interchangeable nozzle.


  • Handheld. This type is considered as the most common leaf blower. It is perfect for smaller tasks that don’t need a large amount of force.
  • Backpack. This type of leaf blower is commonly powered by gas, though it is more powerful plus finish the job faster. However, backpack leaf blowers are the noisiest even while they are idling.
  • Wheeled. A wheeled leaf blower offers a diverse user experience but it is not common as compared to backpack and handheld leaf blowers. Nevertheless, they are also gas operated and doesn’t need batteries or cords.

Fuel Source

  • Gasoline. Leaf blowers that are operated using gasoline can offer you higher power whether it is a wheeled or backpack version. However, if have a bigger land or you are a landscaper, a gasoline-powered leaf blower is worth considering.
  • Electric. The majority of corded and handheld blowers are powered by batteries or electricity. In fact, it is more convenient to use especially if you will be cutting several trees and it only requires minimal maintenance.

Cubic-Feet-Per-Minute or CFM

CFM refers to the volume of air blown by the blower every minute. Actually, leaf blowers that have 300 to 500 CFM are considered as the best.