Looking for a colorful light that will turn your plain room into an energizing and vibrant space? If so, check out this article and find the right and best lava lamp that will perfectly fit in your room’s interior design.

10. Lava Lite 1953 Silver Base Lamp

This lava lamp can give your small room a soothing and soft light. Also, its globe is made of a shock and heat-resistant glass. But you can’t use it as a nightlight.

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9. Schylling Lava Lamp With Chalkboard Base

This lava lamp is equipped with a 25-watt bulb that works effectively for several hours. Even so, it features silver glitter wax in a pink liquid. Nevertheless, it is perfect to display in a girl’s room.

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8. Rhode Island Novelty Lamp

Looking for a lighting that you can place in your baby’s room? Then this lava lamp that brings coziness and ambient and soft lighting is for you. In fact, it is accessible at a very affordable price.

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7. Colormax Lamp With Northern Lights Decal Base

This 14.5-inch lava lamp can be turned on easily. Furthermore, it comes with a 25 watts bulb and features beautiful and various colors.

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6. Lava Lite Base Lamp with Yellow Wax in Purple Liquid

This lava lamp comes with a 40-watt bulb and can be plugged into a normal 120 volts power outlet. In addition to that, this lamp gives off a soft as well as relaxing light. Nonetheless, it is made of high-quality materials and sports a good design.

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5. Deneve Aurora Borealis Star Projector Lava Lamp Night Light

This lava lamp that utilizes 12 various LED colors can turn your home into a glorious and peaceful place. In fact, you can connect this lighting to your electronic devices like MP3 players.

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4. CMI Lava Lamp

This lava lamp that sports a sleek design boasts a wavy bottle on a thin silver base. In fact, it will not only give your room a relaxing light but it will also make your place look more attractive.

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3. Creative Motion Black Base Liquid Peace Motion Lamp

This lamp with a cool soothing motion can be a perfect gift and can be used as a home décor. In fact, it can be bought at a very affordable price.

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2. Groovy Motion Volcano Lamp Night Light

This rocket-inspired lava lamp is equipped with a metallic top and base. Apart from that, it has also a metallic red textured lava and equipped with an external on and off switch.

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1. Sharper Image Motion Lamp

This motion lamp comes with a Bluetooth speaker and you can control the music from the base of the lamp. However, this lava lamp can be utilized independently from the speaker. Nevertheless, this 17.5-inch lava lamp is equipped with a 30-watt bulb.

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What Is A Lava Lamp?

It is a tube-shape and attractive light fixture that features a colored and oily fluid. Actually, the fluid will flows up and down over the chamber just like a liquefied lava. In the beginning, lava lamps were called Astro Lamps.

A lava lamp, on the other hand, was very popular for those who adored counterculture association such as the hippies and youths. Today, lava lamps are still popular, as a matter of fact, you can see lots of these inside the dorm rooms of college university grounds.

What to Consider When Buying/Choosing a Lava Lamp

  • Brand

Due to its popularity and usefulness, there are now lots of brands who are manufacturing lava lamps. That is why when planning to buy a lava lamp, make sure to purchase from a reputable brand that offers an authentic product.

  • Size

Normally, lava lamps are small in size which is enough to be placed on top of the table. However, if you are looking for a lava lamp that you can use as a nightlight consider buying a unit that is 11.5” to 14.5” in height. But if you prefer a bigger model, then consider a lava lamp that is 16” to 17” tall.

  • Shape

Typical lava lamps are cone-shaped, but you can also different shapes on the market today. For instance, there is a cylindrical lamp, rectangular lamp, globe-shaped lamp, and even bullet-shaped lamp.

  • Colors

Normally, the liquid in motion lamps are translucent, meaning to say, the wax mixture is obvious as it drifts over the vessel. But nevertheless, there are lots of liquid color choices where you can choose from such as green, red, purple, blue, pink, and blue. However, some lamps feature several liquid colors.

  • Caps and Base

Some lava lamps are equipped with aluminum caps and bases, while others feature plastic caps and bases.

However, if you want to have a lava lamp that really stands out, then go for a cap/base combination that comes with a wild design or pattern, like sparkling rainbow stripes.

  • Price

Considering the price is also important. However, the price will vary on how large or small they are as well as what features they consist of.