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If you’re reading this content perhaps you are looking for a file cabinet where you can store your documents. Either way, listed below are the top 10 best file cabinets where you can choose from. Even so, these products are available on Amazon.

10. Space Solutions Office Dimensions

This file cabinet is designed for home office, small office, and personal use. Also, it comes with drawers that can be locked and glides smoothly.

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9. BirdRock Home Seagrass Rolling File Cabinet

This attractive and sturdy hand-woven file cabinet is equipped with four wheels for easy transport. It also comes with a hinged lid which allows you to access your files with ease. Nevertheless, it can accommodate both legal and letter-size files.

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8. Lorell 16872 2-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

This 18-inch mobile file cabinet that is compact and portable sports a black color and has two drawers.  The Lorell 16872 comes with 4 rolling wheels as well as a security lock. Either way, this file cabinet can stock letter-size hanging documents.

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7. Office Star Knob Hill Collection File Cabinet

This well-designed file cabinet is constructed using a solid and real wood. It is also equipped with several bolts to make sure rigid legs. It comes with two drawers that have a vintage cherry finish.

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6. Comfort Products Coublo Collection File Cabinet

This stylish file cabinet that sports a modern design is ideal for small offices, homes, and dorms. It features a spacious and versatile drawer as well as hanging file options. Either way, this file cabinet is easy to use and assemble.

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5. Nexera Essentials 3-Drawer Mobile Filing Cabinet

This file cabinet has one filing compartment and two large drawers. Plus, it is equipped with sturdy casters for ease of mobility and use. Nevertheless, this file cabinet can accommodate lots of files and documents.

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4. Z-Line Designs Lateral File Cabinet

This lateral file cabinet can accommodate both legal and letter-size hanging files. In addition to that, it comes with a stylish finish and it is suitable for an assembly room or home office. Either way, its spacious top surface can hold electronic equipment such as scanners and printers.

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3. Calico Designs File Cabinet

This compact file cabinet is equipped with five casters and secure option lock. The Calico Designs File Cabinet will not only protect your documents/files from unauthorized access, but it will also keep them well-organized.

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2. Laura Davidson Stockpile 3-Drawer File Cabinet

This three-drawer file cabinet sports a modern and stylish look which makes it a good option for offices with contemporary design. Also, it comes with 2 unique keys and supports both legal and letter-size hanging files. In fact, this file cabinet comes with two years warranty.

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1. Lorell 14341 File Cabinet

This budget-friendly file cabinet from Lorell is big enough to accommodate and secure all your documents and files. Even so, this 18-inch deep file cabinet comes with two drawers that are easy to open. Nevertheless, Lorell 14341 File Cabinet is efficient, sturdy, and light in weight.

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What Is A File Cabinet?

It is a type of furniture that is normally seen in the office. With the help of a file cabinet, you will be able to store and collect your files neatly and orderly. Even so, this furniture is a bit large and in fact, it can hoard thousands of files/documents.

File cabinets, on the other hand, are mostly designed with lots of slots or drawers where you can sort your files in dates and types depending on what you want. With this feature, you will be able to find the documents you are looking for quickly without making any mess.

Some file cabinets come with a secure locking door to prevent unauthorized access. Either way, file cabinets come in various types and sizes.

Choosing the Best File Cabinet

Factors to Consider:


The right file cabinet size will depend on how many papers or files you will be storing and how much available space you have. However, when choosing a file cabinet make sure to keep in your mind that your storage need is continuously growing. Because if you did not consider your future storage needs you will eventually regret it.

Even so, if you’re not sure how much available space your office has, it is better to measure it instead of estimating the dimensions. Once you have determined the available space, you will be able to identify the right style and size of the file cabinet that suits your needs.


When you’re buying a file cabinet considering the price is also important. Look for a model that is within your budget. However, if you have decided to invest in a bit expensive file cabinet make sure to check its features if they are worth paying for.


There are different types of file cabinets, the lateral cabinet, vertical cabinet, flat cabinet, and mobile cabinet. If you are working in a workplace that has small file rooms, then investing for a vertical file cabinet is a good idea.

But if you need extra storage, then a lateral file cabinet is for you. In fact, this type of file cabinet is shorter and wider than the vertical one. Also, you can place this cabinet under your desk with ease.

Even so, flat file cabinets are specifically designed to hold large documents. While mobile file cabinets are easier to move since they are equipped with casters.

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