Top 10 Best Bird Feeders

Are you planning on adding a bird feeder in your backyard, garden, patio, lawn, or window? If so, then this list of top 10 best bird feeders for you.

10. Woodstream Perky Pet 50172 Mountain Chapel Bird Feeder

This bird feeder that sports a natural, elegant, and eco-friendly design have a maximum feed capacity of 3.6lbs. Also, it can be bought at a very affordable price which makes its ideal for consumers who have a tight budget.

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9. GrayBunny GB-6844 Premium Bird Feeding Station Kit

The GrayBunny GB-6844 comes with detachable water and feeding tray. Not only that, it is also equipped with a rust-resistant and durable pole. Nevertheless, it’s very easy to install.

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8. Perky-Pet 8504-2 Wilderness Lantern Wild Bird Feeder

This durable bird feeder is made of metal and sports a good-looking design. However, it can hold up to two pounds of bird seeds and comes with a seed saving trench holes.

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7. North States Village Collection Around Town-Birdfeeder

This bird feeder from the North States is ideal for feeding a wide variety of bird species. In fact, this stylish item is very easy to set up and made from plastic materials that are durable. Nevertheless, this bird feeder does not easily fade and stain.

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6. Brome Wild Bird Feeder

The Brome Wild Bird Feeder offers both clinging and perching footholds. Furthermore, it is a well-ventilated feeder which allows the moist and hot air to escape. As a result, rot and mold will not exist.

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5. Droll Yankees Bird Feeder

It is considered as one of the best-built and sturdiest bird feeders that are currently available in the market. Not only that, it is also easy to use and clean.

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4. Ogrmar Hanging Perky-Pet Gazebo Wild Bird Feeder

This gazebo-styled bird feeder can hold more than two punds of bird seeds. In fact, you can hang this anywhere you want. Either way, many customers love this bird feeder because of its ease of use and looks.

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3. Window Bird Feeder by Wild Birds of Joy

This transparent and rectangular bird feeder is perfect for feeding small sized birds. However, it can only accommodate four cups of bird seeds and sports a beautiful look.

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2. Nature’s Hangout Bird Feeder

Nature’s Hangout bird feeder features two distinct bird seed racks so that user will be able to attract different bird species simultaneously. In fact, it can be installed easily and can be used as one of your decorations.

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1. Nature Anywhere Bird Feeder

This window bird feeder is made of clear plastic and equipped with a sliding tray which makes the filling of seed and cleaning easier. Nevertheless, it can be a perfect present for cat lovers and bird lovers.

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 What is a Bird Feeder?

Having a bird feeder is very important especially for individuals who have birds at home. But what exactly a bird feeder is. A bird feeder is a container that is specifically designed to be occupied with birdseed. In other words, it is commonly used to supply birds with foods.

A bird feeder, on the other hand, is commonly used for watching and attracting birds. In addition, with this container, you will be able to bring excitement and beauty to your garden. In fact, it is also good for the environment.

However, bird feeders come in different types and here are the following.

  • Platform feeders
  • House feeders
  • Window feeders
  • Tube feeders
  • Suet Feeders

Either way, with so many options, choosing the right one is a bit confusing. To help you, here’s how to choose the right bird feeder.

How to Choose the Right Bird Feeder

Actually, choosing the right bird feeder has an impact on the volume and type of birds you are planning to attract. That is why you need to choose carefully. Nevertheless, here are some of the important things that you need to consider when looking for a bird feeder.


When looking for a bird feeder make sure to identify the material you want. In fact, many of us tend to purchase random things and end up with a low-quality product. That is why, before buying one, make sure if it is made of high-quality and durable materials. Nevertheless, a bird feeder that is made of durable plastic or acrylic is the best.


A big bird feeder clutter homes, while the smaller ones fail to provide birds with enough foods. That is why, when looking for a bird feeder make sure to choose the model that is not too big and too small.


In order for the bird feeder to function well, make sure to install it properly. However, before spending some of your savings, check if your chosen model is convenient and easy to use and set up.