Top 10 Best Bike Panniers

Looking for a good quality bike pannier where you can store your stuff while you are cycling or biking? Then, you have to the right place. In this article, we have listed the top 10 best bike panniers that are currently available on the market and where you can choose from.

10. Wald 198 Front Bicycle Basket

This bicycle basket comes with two lower leg mounting holes as well as adjustable legs. However, it is not ideal for bicycles that don’t have a shudder fork. Nevertheless, it sports a classic design and it is big enough to carry your things.

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9. Blackburn Black Local Plus Bike Frame Bag

If you are looking for an affordable and small bike pannier, then the Blackburn Black Local bag is worth considering. Also, it comes in a wide variety of colors as well as two different colors. Either way, it is a water-resistant bike pannier and from high-quality polyester.

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8. Basil Bloom Bicycle Double Bag

This bike pannier is made from polyester that is water repellent and synthetic leather. Also, this double bag features a big front pocket with a zipper as well as side compartments. Nevertheless, it sports stylish and feminine design that every girl cyclist will love.

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7. Roswheel 14686 Expedition Series Bike Rear Rack Bag Bicycle Double Panniers Cargo Trunk Bag

This bike pannier is made of high-quality materials that are tear resistant and waterprooof. Also, it has a loading capacity of 130lbs and comes with two adjustable straps.

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6. Kolo Sports Bike Pannier Bag

This versatile gear bag is ideal for individuals who are looking for a bike pannier that is easy to bring around.  Actually, it is equipped with durable zippers that keep all your things secure. Either way, its elastic exterior compartment is specifically included for water bottles.

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5. Seattle Sports Titan Pannier Bike Bag

This inexpensive bike pannier is very easy to install and comes with lots of impressive features. Also, Seattle Sports Titan pannier bike bag boasts a vinyl body that has reflective linings.

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4. Ortlieb Back-Roller City Panniers

This waterproof bike pannier is very easy to set up as well as remove. In fact, with this item, you don’t need to worry about your expensive gadgets from getting wet while you are biking.

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3. Topeak MTX Trunk Bag

The Topeak MTX trunk bag is made of waterproof nylon and it is perfect for both amateur and professional bikers and riders as well. Nevertheless, it can accommodate lots of gear and features a well-designed handle that is convenient for easy carrying.

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2. Thule Shield Pannier (Pair)

This eye-catching bike pannier has multiple carrying selections as well as a detachable shoulder strap and included grab handle. Similar to other models, it is also easy to carry around and made from waterproof material though you are advised to buy a rain cover to ensure that your things will not get wet.

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1. Ibera Bicycle Bag PakRak

This large bicycle bag from Ibera comes with many pockets that you can use to store some of your delicate and small things like bike tools and laptop. However, this bike pannier is extremely expensive, but when it comes to quality and performance it is definitely one of the best. Nevertheless, it is not a water-resistant pannier bag.

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 What is a Bike Pannier?

A bike pannier is a type of bag that can be attached to bicycles. It is also used to transport and store your valuables while you are riding your bike. However, panniers can be purchased into two sets, one for the right side and the other one is for the left side. Though, there are some panniers that can be bought individually.

On the other hand, the main advantage of using a bike pannier is that, the weigh if your things like bike tools, clothing, food, and water will be placed into your bike’s frame instead of your body, shoulders, neck, or back.

Even so, with bike panniers, you will be able to take your belongings while you are traveling without bringing a separate bag. Nevertheless, if you ride your bicycle regularly, investing in a bike pannier is worth considering.

How to Choose the Right Bike Pannier?

If you’re using your bike for recreation, exercise, or short trips, then you can consider a compact set of bike panniers. With this type of pannier, you will be able to carry some snacks, keys, phone, and other small stuff while you are cycling.

Also, consider a set of pannier that can be placed in your bike’s central tube. Compact panniers, on the other hand, can also be a great choice for cyclists who bring/needs lots of equipment.

However, if you are using your bicycle for shopping goods like groceries, you can go for panniers that looks like a basket. This pannier will let you load and unload your items with ease. In fact, it can also hold a gallon of milk or tall baguette. Though the main drawback if a basket style pannier is that, it lacks protection against rain as well as lacks of privacy.