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If you’re new to biking or cycling perhaps you will find choosing the best bike helmet a bit confusing. However, you don’t have to worry because we are here help you. In this content, we will be listing the top 10 best bike helmets along with their excellent features where you can choose from.

10. Build Excellent LIVALL BH60 Smart Bike Helmet

This bike helmet is specifically designed for cycling enthusiasts. Furthermore, it is made from safest and lightest materials that’s why it is safe and comfortable to use.

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9. Smith Optics Overtake MIPS Helmet

If you’re biking enthusiast and want to protect your head while you are riding your bike, then this helmet is for you. Actually, the Smith Optics helmet is more breathable, impact absorbing, and lighter compared to other brands.

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8. Giro Trinity Sport Helmet

This budget-friendly bike helmet from Giro Trinity is ideal recreation bikers who stick to covered trails. Even though it is not the best of the best, this helmet will surely protect your head from any damage.

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7. Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike and Skate Helmet

This bicycle helmet from Critical Cycles offers both comfort and protection. Actually, this helmet is equipped with high-quality padding and 11 openings to help you stay cool and dry. Nevertheless, it is available in three sizes and colors.

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6. Schwinn Women’s Thrasher Helmet

This stylish bicycle helmet is designed for women comes in colors purple and pink. Furthermore, it is equipped with 20 exhausts to keep your head cool especially when you are out traveling. Not only that, its dial fit and side strap are both adjustable for ease of use.

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5. Bern Unlimited Morrison Helmet

The Bern Unlimited Morrison bike helmet features a low-profile design but it provides superb protection. Moreover, its dial fit is very easy to adjust and its chin strap will not irritate your skin.

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4. Traverse Vigilis Bike & Skate Helmet

This helmet is suitable for ski slopes and bike trails have a softened chin strap and removable earmuffs. In addition, the materials used in constructing this helmet offers great ventilation, while its foam is agreeably firm.

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3. Giro GH24116 Unisex Sutton Mips Helmet

If you are looking for a bicycle helmet that sports a sleek design then Giro GH24116 can be a great option. This bike helmet is ideal for both men and women, and it will surely protect while you are riding your bike.

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2. Nutcase – Solid Street Bike Helmet for Adults

The Nutcase Solid Street Bike Helmet is available in 9 stylish colors with a not shiny finish. Furthermore, it is equipped with a dial fit system that you can easily adjust when needed. Nevertheless, it is very easy to remove even if you are wearing a pair of gloves.

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1. Bell Draft Bike Helmet

The Bell Draft Bike Helmet offers advanced design and features at a very affordable price. Moreover, it has 25 vents as well as an extended polycarbonate shell to keep you comfortable and cool while you’re wearing this helmet.

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 What is a Bike Helmet?

A bike helmet is designed to protect a biker’s head and lessens the side effects of meddling with peripheral vision. On the other hand, a good bicycle helmet offers a balance of comfort, coverage, and ventilation.

As a matter of fact, bike helmets come in various types, the recreational helmets, road bike helmets, and mountain bike helmets. Even though they have different styles and they are used for different purposes, they are all designed to protect your head while you are biking or cycling.

Important Features to Look For When Choosing a Bike Helmet


As we all know safety is vital especially while you’re on a road riding your bicycle. That is why, when looking for a bike helmet make to choose an item that is loaded with safety features.


As what we have mentioned, the best bike helmet offers a great ventilation. A ventilation is specifically designed to let the air pass over the helmet itself and exit over the back vent. In addition, a ventilation works like a funnel letting the hot air to drip.

Retention System and Straps

When looking for a bike helmet, make sure that the chin and buckle part of the strap is perfectly fit to the bottom of the chin when fastened. On the other hand, choose a helmet that allows you to drink even though you’re wearing it.

When it comes to the retention system, look for a bike that can be adjusted precisely for you to have a stable fit.


This feature makes you comfortable while you are wearing a bike helmet. Not only that, it is also helpful in absorbing sweat. However, some bicycle helmet is equipped with removable padding, as a result, users will be able to wash and keep them clean.


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