Top 10 Best Beach Towels

Looking for a beach towel for your next outing or summer getaway? Here are the top 10 best beach towels where you can choose from.

10. Superior Luxurious Beach Towels

This beach towel is made from 100 percent cotton material as well as longest and finest fabrics. In fact, it is considered as one of the most durable and softest beach towels that are currently being offered in the market.

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9. Danich Microfiber Multi-Purpose Towel

As the name implies, this towel is very versatile simply because it can be used for travel, at spa, pool, gym, and beach. However, this towel comes in a set that consists of two towels that comes in a different size. Nevertheless, it is hypoallergenic and machine washable.

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8. Kaufman Sales – Velour Racing Stripe Beach and Pool Towel

If you’re looking for an inexpensive cheap beach towel then this item is worth considering. The pack consists of four towels that come in different colors such as orange, green, blue, and red. Either way, this soft and thick towel will maintain original color after numerous washes.

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7. Dandelion Textile Cotton Turkish Towel (Ivory Basic Pattern)

The Dandelion Textile Turkish Towel is free from any chemicals since the high-quality materials used to create this stuff are dyed naturally. Nevertheless, it is a versatile, lightweight, easy to carry, and fast drying beach towel.

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6. Red Striped Turkish Towel by The Riviera Towel Company

This beach towel is made from 100 percent Turkish cotton and sports a classic striped design. As a matter of fact, it considered as one of the best and popular beach towels because it’s multi-functional and versatile.

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5. WildHorn Outfitters Akumal Microfiber Beach Towel

If you are looking for a beach towel that is space friendly, then this item from WildHorn Outfitters can be a great option. On the other hand, the microfiber used in making this beach towel and portable and very light.

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4. AmazonBasics Cotton Beach Towel

This large-sized beach towel from AmazonBasics offers visible fluffiness, top coverage, and unique absorbency. Nonetheless, if you love or appreciate the cabana stripe design then this is for you.

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3. Plush Cabana Beach Towel by Laguna Beach Textile Company

When it comes to quality, there is no doubt that this Plush Cabana Beach Towel is one of the best. In fact, this soft, and thick beach towel features a fresh and classic look that is capable of giving a more relaxed feeling.

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2. Dandelion Textile Turkish Towel (Basic Pattern)

If you have a sensitive skin or suffering from skin allergies, then the Dandelion Textile Turkish towel with a basic pattern is perfect for you. Actually, it will treat your skin properly simply because it is made from high-quality cotton that is dyed naturally. In addition, it is not a scratchy and very soft beach towel.

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1. PackTowl Personal Microfiber Towel

This highly versatile towel not only designed for beach use, you can also use this while you are doing sports activities, traveling, or during camping. On the other hand, it is more compact and dries faster compared to other cotton beach towels. Nevertheless, it features a polygeine stink control to keep this beach towel fresh.

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 What is a Beach Towel?

As the name implies, beach towels are destined to be used on coasts or beaches. In addition, it is a large-sized towel ideal for resting on while you are lying under the sun.

However, bath towels and beach towels are not the same. In fact, these two types of towels differ in many things. For example, beach towels are larger as well as thicker compared to the bath towel.

Beach towels come in various colors, sizes, shapes, as well as made from different fabrics. For this reason, choosing the best beach towel is not an easy task. So help you find the best one we have listed some important things that you need to consider before/when buying a beach towel.

Things/Factors to Consider When Buying a Beach Towel


When looking for a beach towel, size really matters. Normally, beach towels sport a size from 30 by 60 inches which are large enough to cover a bed. That is why before making a purchase, make sure to check the size of the beach towel you are interested in. You should also keep in your mind that some beach towels may possibly shrink slightly after several washed.


Beach towels are known due to their thickness. So if you’re buying a beach towel make sure to opt for an item that is thick because these towels absorb water easily.

Fabric feel and look

The majority of beach towels are made from cotton. However, when buying a beach towel check the label if it is made from 100 percent cotton material. Because cotton beach towels are really soft and can offer a comfortable and relaxed feeling.