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In this article, we will be listing some of the best bassinets that are currently available on the market. So if you’re looking for one, then this article is for you.

10. Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet

This bassinet is specifically designed for babies weighing 15 pounds. In addition, it comes with a removable and adjustable canopy. Also, it comes with a comfortable mattress.

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9. Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Twin Bassinet

If you have twins, then this bassinet from Graco ‘n Play is for you. This model comes with a carrying bag and a canopy. Either way, this bassinet has mesh on all corners.

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8. Big Oishi Dual Canopy Indoor and Outdoor Travel Bassinet

This baby bassinet features a dual canopy that is capable of protecting your babies against insect bites. Moreover, it is very easy to setup and comes with a basket storage.

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7. Arm’s Reach Concepts Clear-Vue

This charming bassinet will allow your little one to sleep comfortably. It will also let you reach your baby as well a draw your little one close for bonding, comforting, and feeding.

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6. Fisher-Price Soothing Motion Bassinet

The Fisher-Price Soothing Motion Bassinet is made of polyester foam fabric and features a dual canopy. This bassinet is made for babies weighing up to 25 pounds. Nevertheless, it is light in weight and extremely versatile.

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5. Badger Basket Elegance Round Baby Bassinet

This round shape bassinet comes with a spacious sleeping area where your baby can stretch out freely and sleep comfortably. Either way, it is available seven different colors and comprises a soft bumper, draping canopy, fitted sheet, and a skirt.

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4. Green Frog Bassinet/Cradle

This transportable and lightweight bassinet is very easy to move around. Plus, it features transparent mesh windows. While its round windows offer plenty of ventilation and airflow.

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3. BRICA Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet

This easy to store and lightweight bassinet is made of breathable fabric. Also, it is equipped with a locking frame and mesh panels.

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2. Dream On Me Karley Bassinet

This versatile and lightweight bassinet comes with a sleeping pad and a dual canopy. Nevertheless, Dream On Me Karley Bassinet is ideal for newborns up to 25lbs.

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1. Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper Premier Series Bassinet

This bedside bassinet is made of polyester that can be cleaned using a damp cloth. Even so, this bassinet includes a nightlight, three soothing sounds, and two levels of vibration. Nevertheless, it is ideal for children up to 5 months of age.

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What is a Bassinet?

A bassinet or also known as cradle is a bed that is specifically designed for babies. This bed, on the other hand, is created to work with casters or fixed legs.

In addition, a bassinet can be a safe sleeping place for newborns. These beds are more portable compared to cribs because of their smaller size. Plus, some bassinets have a cover or hood.

Even so, a bassinet has a weight limit and normally it can only be used during the first few months of your baby.

How to Choose the Best Bassinet

Choosing the right bassinet for your baby is not an easy task since there are lots of things to consider. Either way, here are some of the features to look for when buying a bassinet.

  • Materials

Some bassinets are made of high-quality materials while others are only using light materials. However, bassinets that are made of high-quality materials are more expensive but one thing is for sure, they are safer and durable.

  • Setup

When shopping for a bassinet make sure to choose a model that is easy to pack and fold. In fact, this will greatly help you when you need to carry it from one place to another.

  • Lock System

Before making a purchase checking the lock system is very important. Make sure that the bassinet’s lock system is secured and perfect.

Considering the bassinet’s weight is also essential so that it will be able to carry your baby comfortably and properly.

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