Top 10 Best Ash Vacuums

Listed below are the top 10 best ash vacuums that are currently available on the market today. We have also included some of their features so that you will be able to choose the right one with ease.

10. Vacmaster EATC608S

This versatile vacuum can be used in various areas. First and foremost, it is not an ash vacuum, but it can be trusted on to remove ash from fireplace or wood stove. Either way, the Vacmaster EATC608S can be also used to dry wheels and grills since it can be converted to a blower.

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9. PowerSmith PAVC101

The PowerSmith PAVC101 comes with a powerful 10-amp motor and works well in both cool and warm ashes. Furthermore, it features a washable filtering system that is fire resistant. Also, it removes materials from barbecues, fireplaces, and stoves.

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8. Snow Joe ASHJ201

This ash vacuum that is specifically designed to pick cold ashes can hold a massive amount of material. Apart from that, it comes with durable steel construction and a handle that is easy to carry.

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7. Dustless Technologies Cougar Ash Vacuum

If you are looking for a bulkier ash vacuum, then this item from Dustless Technologies is worth considering. Even though, it’s not versatile and portable compared to others this vacuum cleaner works well and clean even the tiniest particle.

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6. Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuum

The Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuum is ideal for picking dust and ash from drywall, cement, or wood. In fact, this ash vacuum moves around well due to its swiveling casters. Either way, it also features a big on and off switch that can be accessed easily.

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5. Shop-Vac 4041200 Ash Vacuum Cleaner

This ash vacuum cleaner comes with a heavy-duty stainless steel tank and HEPA filtration system. Also, it sports a lightweight and compact design and equipped with a handle that is easy to carry. Either way, it can pick up both warm and cold ash.

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4. Vacmaster VQ607SFD

The Vacmaster VQ607SFD is light enough for private home use but great enough for commercial use. In addition, it is equipped a 12-foot power cord and a 7-foot hose that can be wrapped around when not in use.

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3. Dustless Technologies Cheetah Ash Vacuum

If you’re looking for a solid and very compact ash vacuum, then the Cheetah Ash Vacuum can be a great option. In fact, it comes with double filtration system and handles both warm and cold ash.

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2. Armor All 2.5 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum

Are you looking for an ash vacuum that you can use on different places? Then this item from ArmorAll is worth considering. Furthermore, this unit pick-ups dry and wet debris and features an auto-shutoff. Nevertheless, it can be converted into a blower with ease.

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1. Vacmaster VP205

The Vacmaster VP205 can be converted into a blower easily. Also, it comes with two years warranty and reusable foam sleeve as well as cloth filter.

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What is an Ash Vacuum?

As the name implies, an ash vacuum is a type of vacuum that is specifically designed to clean both cool and warm ash from barbecue grills, pellet stoves, wood stoves, and fireplaces. Some ash vacuums, on the other hand, can be converted to a blower with ease.

Either way, this cleaning device will surely make your cleaning easier and simpler, especially if you have the right unit.

How to Choose the Right Ash Vacuum


When it comes to choosing the right ash vacuum, make sure to go for a model that handles messes with ease. For instance, if you are only cleaning a small space then a small unit is worth considering. But if you will be cleaning a lot of ash or a big fireplace, then you will be needing a bog unit.

Aside from the size, you should also consider the weight of the device. However, not all large units are hard to move and handle. While small units are not always light in weight, though some ash vacuums come with wheels for ease of use.

Ash Type

Not all models can pick both warm and cool ash. Some of them are for warm debris while other units are intended for cool ones.

That’s why when looking for, make sure to identify first the type of ash you will be cleaning so that you will be able to know which the right one for you is.

Also, make sure to choose a vacuum cleaner that has a hose that is fire-resistant and parts that are heat resistant, so that it will not be damaged if you pick up hot ash accidentally.

Filter System

Actually, the filter system is considered as one of the most important systems on ash vacuums. However, since you are dealing with small particles for sure you don’t want to blow those particles around your home while you are vacuuming. For that reason, it is important that you should consider an ash vacuum that comes with a filtration system.

For better result, go for a unit that is HEPA graded, simply because this unit can pick out any materials from the air.