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If you are reading this article perhaps you are looking for a pair of acupressure slipper or sandal. Either way, if you want to have the best pair, then check out this list of top 10 best acupressure slippers and sandals along with their features.

10. Cantos Korea CT-503C

The Cantos Korea Ct-503C acupressure sandal is made from soft material and provides a cushion-like massage and feel. Apart from that, it is also considered as one of the most popular acupressure slippers that are currently being offered in the market.

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9. Acu-Reflex Massage Sandals

This acupressure slipper is equipped with hundreds of acupressure points and comes with a strap. Moreover, with this pair of slipper or sandal, you will surely have a comfortable and relaxing standing or walking experience.

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8. Rusticity Wood Acupressure Massager

The Rusticity Wood Acupressure Massager sports a countryside vintage look and it has no synthetic polishes. However, its wooden acupressure massagers are ideal for relieving body pain and improving blood circulation.

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7. iLIVING Natural Stone Massage Shoes

The iLIVING Natural Stone Massage Shoes is designed and loaded with advanced features. In fact, it is equipped with stones that are proven helpful and effective in reducing stress. Nonetheless, with this pair of acupressure shoes, your medical bill will be lessened.

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6. Healthy Living Massage Orthotic Reflexology Sandals

This pair of reflexology sandal is constructed with various massaging capabilities and qualities. As a matter of fact, the Healthy Living Massage Orthotic Reflexology Sandals is perfect for stimulating blood circulation.

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5. Adidas Men’s Adissage Sandal

It is a massaging footwear that is made of heavy-duty and high-quality materials that can endure even the severest situations. Moreover, it is equipped with several massager buds that are helpful in improving blood circulation and reducing stress.

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4. BIAL EX Massage Slipper Shoes Rotating Acupressure Foot Slippers

This pair of acupressure slippers is perfect for both and women. Furthermore, it features a wear-proof rubberized sole that has 78 rotating massage acupressure buttons that are luxurious and comfortable. Nonetheless, its shoe surface can be adjusted for additional comfort.

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3. Revs Seva Reflexology Sandals

The Revs Seva Reflexology Sandals is made from shock-absorbing and massaging cushion sole that has Orthotic arch. However, it is perfect for individuals who have flat feet or fallen arches. Also, it is ideal for both indoors and outdoors use.

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2. Unistar Unisex Acupressure Slippers

This lightweight and comfortable pair of acupressure slipper are capable of stimulating your body. Aside from that, it also offers light massage that is useful for relieving body pains and aches.

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1. Kkika Rotating Acupressure Foot Massager Sandal

This acupressure footwear is made from high-quality material that can be utilized for safeguarding your leg and feet. Furthermore, it comes with 41 acupressure points which is enough for developing and regulating body function. With this product, you will be able to eliminate stress and back pain from your body.

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What is an Acupressure Slipper?

An acupressure slipper is a pair of shoes that looks like an ordinary flip flops, slippers, and sandals. But the main difference of this footwear from others is that it is equipped with wooden or hard plastic tips. These tips are found inside of the bottom exclusive area that is specifically designed to stimulate and push at the acupressure points into your foot. If you are not familiar with acupressure, it is a very safe treatment system and it is used to relieve symptoms of several common health problems.

What are the Benefits of Using an Acupressure Slipper?

  • An acupressure slipper energizes and relaxes you.
  • Improves Sleep
  • Relieves stress and fights depression
  • Relieves arthritic pain
  • Kindles pressure points on the feet
  • Relieves back pains and muscle aches
  • Eases Menopause and PMS Symptoms
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Provides a better flow of oxygen

How to Choose the Best Acupressure Slippers

Now that you already know some of the advantages of wearing a pair of acupressure footwear, perhaps you are now planning to buy one. But honestly, choosing the best acupressure slippers is not an easy task. Simply because there is a lot of options where you can choose from.

To help you find the best pair, here are the things that you need to consider when buying an acupressure footwear.

  • Acupressure sandal or slipper
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Nodes Quality
  • Number of Pressure Points
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