The 10 Best Cash Registers

Does your business need a proper and reliable cash register? If so, here is the list of ten best cash registers where you can choose from.

10. Casio PR-T500 Electronic Cash Register

This cash register from Casio comes with a thermal printer that is very easy to use. In fact, the Casio PR-T500 will definitely fulfill your business needs when it comes to accounting transactions.

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9. Epsilont Square POS Bundle

This unit will conveniently transform your iPad into a complete payment processing system. Plus, it comes with a receipt printer that uses advanced power management electric circuit.

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8. Sharp XEA407 Advanced Reporting Cash Register

The Sharp XEA407 comes with five bill compartments and six coin compartments. Furthermore, it features separate journal and receipt printers. Nevertheless, this cash register is very easy to operate.

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7. Aldelo Pro POS

This heavy-duty cash register is ideal for those who are running a restaurant. In fact, it comes with 2 workstations, a thermal printer, and a durable cash drawer.

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6. Sharp XEA407 Advanced Reporting Cash Register

This cash register comes with features that are hardly found in other models, for instance, it has an excellent credit support. Plus, it makes accounting easier than ever. Either way, it comes with separate journal and receipt printers.

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5. Casio PCR-T2300 Electronic Cash Register

The Casio PCR-T2300 is made with a great combination of beautiful design and topnotch functionality. Furthermore, it comes with a heavy-duty cash drawer has an allotted space for SD card.

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4. SAM4s ER-380M

This cash register that comes with a fast thermal printer is ideal for small businesses who are looking for a budget-friendly unit.  The SAM4s ER-380M offers 200 PLUs, financial reports, 12 departments, four tax tables, and a 5 coin and 5 bills cash drawer.

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3. SAM4S ER-940 Cash Register

This durable cash register is specifically designed for bars, restaurants, and cafes. Even so, it is equipped with a secure cash drawer and a spill-proof as well as a large keyboard. Either way, the SAM4S ER-940 makes transactions accurate and fast.

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2. Casio PCR-T273 Electronic Cash Register

The Casio PCR-T273 is one of the popular and best cash registers for small business. In fact, this unit also utilizes batteries. With this cash register, you can include your business name and phone number on your receipts.

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1. Datio POS Base Station and Cash Register

This cash register is ideal for salon environment and fast-paced restaurants. However, it comes with a credit card reader, cash drawer, printer, and scanner. Most importantly, it makes business operating efficiently.

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What Is A Cash Register?

A cash register is a device that is created for accounting the payment transactions between a customer and a seller. In addition, a cash register serves for making as well as printing receipts for supervision services such as tax inspectorate and for the seller.

Even so, the majority of trading entities and outlets are using cash registers because this device can do a lot of things such as record keeping and can prepare reports (sales).

Cash registers, on the other hand, is equipped with a cash drawer where you can store both money and receipts after making a transaction.

How to Choose the Best Cash Register

Factors to consider when buying a cash register


If you’re planning to buy a cash register, determining the type of device you will need is important. When choosing the right type, you need to consider the transactions you’re going to do.

There are two types of cash registers, the POS or point of sale systems and standard registers. A standard register is very easy to use and has a simple design. Plus, it doesn’t need a software update. POS systems, on the other hand, are cash registers with more advanced marketing tools and functions.

Nevertheless, aside from the type, you should also consider the cash register’s usability, data output, and input.


The software will identify the type of reports and operations a certain cash register can do. That is why considering this factor is also essential.

When choosing, check if your chosen unit can sort products by departments. For instance, if you’re running a small business, dividing the goods by department lets simpler registration and selling of transactions.


Paying attention to the cash register’s components is significant. For example, a standalone or built printer allows you to print receipts and sales reports as well. Aside from the printer, you should also check if the unit comes with a lockable drawer so that you’ll be able to prevent unapproved access.