Here are some of of our favorite hot sauce brands that don’t always get enough attention. We hope you’ll try a few and support their craft! Many of them make small batches that are absolutely delicious and will blow away anything you’ll find at your local supermarket. At the bare minimum you’ll certainly impress any of your friends who enjoy hot sauces.

Race City Sauceworks

Race City Sauceworks

An extremely talented hot sauce company based out of Charlotte, NC. They have produced an incredible amount of delicious and award-winning sauces over the years with just under 150 awards to their name. We highly recommend their Deadwood line, but you can’t go wrong with any of their hot sauces. All of them have great range, uniqueness and flavor. Seriously just try them!

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Lucky Dog Hot Sauce

Lucky Dog Hot Sauces

Simply amazing. That’s what I would use to describe Lucky Dog hot sauces. All of their sauces have an incredible depth of flavor. Absolutely recommended.

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Bigfats Hot Sauce

Bigfat's Hot Sauces

Outstanding taste profiles. Hugely complex, bold and savory sauces. Made with all natural ingredients that pack the perfect blends of heat. All their sauces are also low sodium, gluten free and vegan.

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Born to Hula Hot Sauce

Born to Hula

Traditional hot sauces with complex layering. Check out their Ghost of Ancho hot sauce for a serious sweet and smokey heat. They also have a number of delicious BBQ sauces and an amazing beef jerky.

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Voodoo Chile Hot Sauce

Voodoo Chile hot sauce

Do you like beer? Do you like hot sauce? How about beer-infused hot sauces? What about bacon-infused hot sauces? Voodoo Chile offers some great products that really showcase how delicious beer, bacon and hot sauce can be together. What’s interesting is that each sauce recipe is made to enhance the flavor of the specific craft beer that is used. Very cool!

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Torchbearer Sauces

Torchbearer hot sauce

Lots of delicious sauces with bold flavors made by great people. We suggest their Zombie Apocalypse Ghost Chili Hot Sauce or Rapture Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Hot Sauce for some real heat!

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Angry Goat Pepper Co

Angry Goat Pepper Co hot sauces

12 flavorful hot sauces 9 tasty pepper jams, this company offers some very distinct sauces. They are particularly good with fruit based sauces. We suggest their Purple Hippo Prickly Pear & Scorpion Hot Sauce.

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Mikey V’s Foods

Mikey V's Foods

Based out of Texas, Mikey V’s Foods has a number of hot sauces, salsas, spicy pickles and jerky and lots of awards to go with them. Try his Peach Habanero Delight Hot Sauce.

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Char Man Brand

Char Man Brand hot sauces -- Caribbean, Verde, Original

They’ve got three sauces — Original, Verde and Caribbean — that incorporate flavors from fire roasted hanaero and gueros to Thai chilies to mangos and pineapple juice. Made in small batches with quality ingredients and cool labels. Try them out.

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Adoboloco hot sauces

If you’re looking for some distinctively Hawaiian hot sauces, then look no further. All of their hot sauces primarily use 4 main ingredients for great flavor, with the addition of pineapple and mango. Sugar free, thickener free and oil free. Tasty stuff.

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Northwest Elixirs

Northwest Elixirs hot sauces

A very talented Chef named Garrett makes some quality sauces by combining local and unconventional ingredients into some delicious recipes. Anything you try from them will be very good.

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Volcanic Peppers

Volanic Peppers hot sauces

Tim Bader’s Red Reaper ranch dressing and Spicy Ponzu sauce are both must haves. His other taco and hot sauces are also extremely good.

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Frog Bone Sauces

Frog Bone hot sauces

I absolutely love their Fire Roasted Salsa, but everything they make will blow you away. They also have a great collection of BBQ sauces.

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Dragon’s Blood Elixir

Dragon's Blood Elixir logo

Founded in northeast Connecticut in 2009, this company puts out some tasty, limited batches of sauces with local ingredients. Start with their Dragon’s Blood Elixir Original and then try their Don’t Fear the Reaper (yes its hot). Their Smoky Maple Garlic Bacon is also as good as it sounds.

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Palo Alto Firefighters

Palo Alto Fightfighters

Since 1994 Palo Alto Firefighter Lee Taylor has been growing peppers and making hot sauces at his fire station. It used to only be available to the firefighters in Palo Alto but his zesty pepper sauce has become so popular he decided to expand. It is a complex, flavorful sauce with simple ingredients that go well with any dish. 100% of proceeds also go to the Palo Alto Firefighters Charitable Fund!

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Maritime Madness

Maritime Madness hot sauces

Maritime Madness grows and produces their own peppers for their sauces in Cardigan, PEI, Canada. Since 2002 their tiny batches have gotten bigger and bigger. All of their sauces have unique blends that taste fresh and delightful. If you like beer-infused sauces, try their Hop Sauce.

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Clancy’s Fancy Hot Sauce

Clancy's Fancy Hot Sauces

An assortment of sauces with the original from the 70s. Great flavors, textures and natural ingredients. Fantastic BBQ sauce too.

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Fiery Alyce

Fiery Alyce

Name after his wife, Fiery Alyce makes a thick and smokey hot sauce with lots of heat without overpowering the flavor. Includes smoked garlic and peppers roasted over a wood fire in small batches to ensure the best quality. They only make one hot sauce but we love it.

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Smoke Show

A jalapeno based hot sauce with equal parts smoky, spicy and sweet. This company started out small in Montreal and has been since growing in popularity among hot sauce lovers there. It tastes good without being too spicy and pairs well with dishes and different foods.

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Hungry Volcano

Hungry Volcano hot sauces


Spreading the gospel of fiery food across Canada and around the world, Hungry Volcano sells a large selection of hot sauces from a number of different brands. In particular we suggest trying Hatari Bros. sauces such as Acid Rain and Alberta Crude. Lots of heat and boldness that compliment breakfast foods, burgers and any Mexican food.

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