The best paper journals and notebooks for any avid writer, drawer, student, doodler or philosopher! From bullet journals to outdoor notebooks, we got you covered.

Moleskine Classic Notebook

The original classic Moleskine notebook is an icon in the personal notebooks category. This journal has been a reliable travel companion for many writers while having high quality acid-free paper and reliable binding. Moleskine has helped popularize and revitalize the paper journal market.

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Leuchtturm1917 Medium Size Hardcover A5 Notebook

Leuchtturm is a well-known German notebook manufacturer that produces some exceptionally high quality journals and paper notebooks with 80 GSM paper weight. Each notebook has an index, numbered pages and bookmarks and is designed for productivity. With 124 sheets (249 pages) this is one of the best options for a notebook with excellent paper quality at a reasonable price. This notebook will last you a very long time.

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Rhodia Treasure / Essential Box

Rhodia is our favorite notebook brand out of France with distinct black and orange branding. Their paper quality is superb, smooth and soft at 90 GSM paper weight with plenty of styles and binding styles available. The Rhodia Treasure Box (also referred to as the Rhodia Essential Box) provides you with a collection of 4 notepads in different sizes for almost any writing situation. A great choice as a gift or for yourself.

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Rhodia Black Webnotebook

The Rhodia webbie is one of the most popular paper notebooks out there. It comes with 192 sheets (96 pages) of ivory white 90 GSM paper that is exceptionally high quality and smooth. Fountain pens perform fantastic on these with very little bleed-through and show-through. Very popular as a bullet journal while being simple and clean and letting the paper quality speak for itself.

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Rhodia Black Dot Pad

The Rhodia Black Dot Pad has that classic notepad look but with a perfect subtle grid lining the pages and pale violet dots set at 5mm intervals. The silky smooth 80 lined pages work with any type of pen, pencil and most ink and are microperforated for easy and clean tears. This is one of those perfect notepads for writing notes, diagramming or doodling that you’ll wish you had found and purchased sooner.

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UNNI Classic Notebook Journal

Designed in San Francisco, this notebook comes at a very affordable price for a great writing experience. Very similar in terms of design to the Moleskine, but with much better paper quality at 80 GSM and smooth and durable paper (120 sheets, 240 pages). The binding is top-notch and should withstand abuse over time. This journal comes in a variety of colors and paper ruling styles for any need and offers excellent value for price.

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AmazonBasics Classic Notebook​

AmazonBasics has come through once again with a straightforward 240 page notebook. This journal is an excellent alternative to pricier notebooks and offers simple aesthetics and average paper quality. Doesn’t work well with fountain pens, but for normal everyday writing with pens and pencils it does a great job.

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 Baron Fig Clear Sky Limited Edition Vanguard

Baron Sky Clear Sky Limited Edition VanguardBaron Fig is offering a limited release 3 pack of their Vanguard notebook with a number unique colors. This softcover notebook is designed to withstand daily abuse with high quality long lasting paper. Simple and beautiful and designed to be noticed.

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Scribbles That Matter

Scribbles That Matter offers a very thick 100 GSM ivory paper that is fantastic for fountain pens and any writing utensil with very little ghosting and bleed-through.

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Northbooks A5 Softcover

Simple yet sophisticated is their motto. This notebook is perfect for journaling, bullet notes and writing. Made in the USA with quality materials and craftsmanship. The cover is 100% recycled and is strong and flexible.

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Celestial Journal

A gorgeous journal that is a replica of a 1933 design that is unique and gorgeous with gold embossed on the front and back covers, spine and page edges. A beautiful choice for anyone who enjoys astronomy or reproduction designs of books.

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BookFactory Journal

Another simple but quality alternative to the standard Moleskine or notebook. The cover is matte with no pattern and the inside contains 192 pages. This is a simple notebook but it offers great value for price.

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MUJI Notebook A5

MUJI is a popular Japanese brand that offers exceptional paper quality and binding for the price. They offer some of the best cheap notebooks on the market with a simple and professional design. Each notebook offers 30 sheets which is great for projects where you don’t need a huge amount of pages. This allows it to be functional, thin and light and easy to carry around in a bag. Great paper and perfect for assignments or even travelling.

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Field Notes Kraft Ruled 3-Pack

The go-to pocket notebook for anyone who needs and loves to write at a moment’s notice. Easy to carry and writes well at different angles with 24 sheets (48 pages). The binding is stapled allowing you to write flat and on different surfaces. This isn’t the type of notebook to use as a diary, but for lists, thoughts and diagrams on the go or outdoors.

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Rite in the Rain All-Weather Notebook

Weatherproof paper and tough impact-resistant binding allows you to write notes in almost any weather conditions. Their unique paper repels water, sweat, grease, mud and other outdoor elements without losing its shape.

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